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Welcome to the HubCityLabs wiki

HubCityLabs is a member-run hackerspace and community lab in Moncton, New Brunswick that is located in Botsford Station (232 Botsford Street).

Every Saturday from 6 PM we have open nights where the space is open to the public and welcomes visitors. We also have events posted on our calendar. We would love to see you come out! Send an email to to introduce yourself or to ask any questions you may have, or simply drop by for our regular meetings.

To learn more about HubCityLabs, feel free to browse the various pages on this site, which are accessible from the left sidebar.


There no notices currently.

Contact Info

How can you get a hold of us? Apart from coming out to meet us, you can also join the mailing list, HubCityLabs Google Groups list, hit us on twitter at @HubCityLabs or send off an e-mail to

Need a Ride?

Need a ride to an HCL meeting or function? Look at the Carpool list.

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